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Nancy Phung-Smith(she/her), MA, LMFT138181

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I am a body-centered therapist who specializes in working with dysregulating emotions & complex trauma.
I believe therapy looks different for everyone; and that therapy goes beyond just the symptoms.  


I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Body-Based Interventions; Experiential Therapy; the integration of Internal Family Systems; and am a trauma-informed yoga teacher. 

My approach stems from a strength-based, trauma-informed lens that allows for us to explore and understand cognitive, emotional, and physiological needs. Together, we explore and heal through discovering a harmonized sense of Self. 


I am a second-generation Vietnamese American born and raised in San Diego, California. 


For me, it is not just about finding balance, it is about finding harmony in all the different parts of who we are.

As a Vietnamese American therapist, it is important that therapy reflects cultural competence and sensitivity.

I completed my undergrad at San Diego State University in International Security and Conflict Resolution, with a minor in Anthropology. I graduated with my Master's at Alliant International University, San Diego. 


My studies have evolved from a global approach to that of the community, and now to the individual.


My academic work is focused on making therapy more accessible & inclusive by researching methods that supplement traditional talk-therapy. 

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Photo with Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score

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