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There are a number of reasons we go to therapy: anxiety, depression, anger, low motivation, stress, grief & loss, addiction, relationship conflicts, trouble communicating--these are often symptoms / expressions of an imbalanced Self. 


SoulFlo is therapy that creates a space to come home to ourselves again.  


With the growing interests & use of EMDR in the therapy field, it is important to me to ensure a safe space for my clients before, during and after each EMDR session--as well as making sure that it is a good fit for your needs. 


I offer a 15 minute Consultation for those interested in learning more about EMDR & how EMDR may support you in your healing process.  


I chose to become a Marriage and Family Therapist because I believe that healing is a dynamic process the includes all parts of our identity--that includes the role, expectations, attachments, experiences, and relationships. 

For Couples Therapy you and your partner have an option complete a The Gottman Assessment. This assessment  measures five key relationship areas: friendship and intimacy, sex and passion, conflict management, shared meaning, and trust and commitment.


Our body has been with us since day one. It holds wisdom, information, and memories about our experiences & emotions. Has your body been inviting you to have a deeper connection with yourself? 

Individual Therapy, $185/50min session
Family & Couples Therapy, $245/90min session 
Yoga Integrated Therapy, $275/90min session ​

             15 minute consultations available 

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