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There are a number of reasons we go to therapy: anxiety, depression, anger, low motivation, stress, grief & loss, addiction, relationship conflicts, trouble communicating--these are often symptoms / expressions of an imbalanced Self. 


SoulFlo is therapy that creates a space to come home to ourselves again.  


With the growing interests & use of EMDR in the therapy field, it is important to me to ensure a safe space for my clients before, during and after each EMDR session--as well as making sure that it is a good fit for your needs. 


I offer a 20 minute Consultation for those interested in learning more about EMDR & how EMDR may support you in your healing process.  


I chose to become a Marriage and Family Therapist because I believe that healing is a dynamic process the includes all parts of our identity--that includes the role, expectations, attachments, experiences, and relationships. 


Our body has been with us since day one. It holds wisdom, information, and memories about our experiences & emotions. Has your body been inviting you to have a deeper connection with yourself? 

Individual Therapy, $120/session
Family & Couples Therapy, $145/session 
EMDR, $145/session
Yoga Therapy, $150/session ​

             20 minute consultations available 

Currently Accepting TriWest insurance

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