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What People Think PTSD Comes from:

n case you are wondering...

CPTSD stands for Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a mental health condition in which a person might experience symptoms similar to PTSD. Complex PTSD comes in response to chronic traumatization over the course of months or, more often, years. This can include emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuses, domestic violence, living in a war zone, being held captive, human trafficking and other organized rings of abuse, and more.

Warning signs of CPTSD are similar to PTSD, but include more indoctrinated negative self-views and beliefs.

Complex PTSD causes emotional flashbacks in people. The hallucinations create intense feelings that vividly remind a person of their traumatic past. The flashbacks can disrupt daily living and make it difficult for a person with CPTSD to concentrate.

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