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What Do You Need?

How do I know what I need?⠀


Yesterday’s post touched on “needy ness” or as I like call it: unmet human needs. As a follow up I wanted to break down some more of these needs and more specifically how so many of us were taught (directly/indirectly) that our needs didn’t matter-creating a foundation rooted in disconnection from our mind/body system needs.⠀


As children, our needs often fall into the physical and connection category. This is most necessary from our caretakers; a nurturing, safe home with the basics.⠀


As we get older, our needs get more complex and layered. We seek autonomy from our caregivers to develop our identity. We seek to cope with stress. We seek love in relationships, etc.⠀


If our needs were not honored as children, chances are it may be very difficult for us to know what we need or that we are even deserving of these needs.⠀


Let’s take the time to honor past and current unmet needs...and acknowledge that we are worthy of having these needs met.


What are you needing...right at this moment?!

(This content comes directly from @holisticallygrace instagram page, they do no have any affiliation with SoulFlo Therapy, follow them for more great content.)

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