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“Nancy is an amazing therapist! She listens and explains well and really makes you feel understood. For more than 10 years, I kept coming to a halt when seeking therapy because I was overwhelmed about the process of finding a therapist and the fear of not knowing what the experience would be like. However, when I found Nancy, I first looked on her website and just something about it already made me feel safe & welcomed. I was going through some difficult situations in my life so, I decided to just give it a try. After the consultation, I knew right away she would be a fit for me because I immediately felt heard and validated. Throughout the months of our sessions, I kept discovering things about myself that has helped me gain new perspectives and understand who I am better. Nancy once asked what I wanted from therapy and I said: peace. And now after finally feeling like I’ve healed from so many things because of her help, my mind is quieter and my body is relaxed. Of course I am human and still deal with difficult situations but my sessions with Nancy helped me figure out what works for me to navigate through tough times. And one of the things I really appreciated was that Nancy helped me understand my emotions, the reasons behind them, and how to work through them. Nancy helped me find the peace I was looking for. And because of that, I feel like I’m actually living my life in the present. Thanks so much, Nancy!”

-Second Generation AAPI,
first theraputic experience

"I was constantly vacillating in and out of a depression after my separation from the US Navy and trying to realign myself became increasing challenging. I was fortunate to have Nancy assigned as my therapist soon after. 


Nancy was keen, attentive, and very patient––allowing space for me to become comfortable with dig deep within, vent any and all concerns, and relay invaluable applicable guidance in order to better myself. 


I am grateful for our sessions as I feel they’ve expanded my overall awareness, and assured me the best is yet to come on my personal journey. 


Thanks always Nancy for your genuine care and for being a helpful resource when I needed it most!"  

-U.S. Navy Veteran, student
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